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Incredible Ladakh . Incredible India

Let it be free from clichéd and bias expressions but this time let us make your visit much more than a “Land between Earth and Sky” experience!!!

Ladakh is a vast and barren landscape but it leaves you awestruck. It refers to the “Land of passes”, situated at an average altitude of 3500 feet between the Himalayas in the east, the Karakoram ranges in the west and the Zanskar ranges in the south west. Ladakh is a complete blend of traditional Tibetan culture and nature at its best.

This Himalayan range being intact in its location and culture is yet very diverse and unique in itself. Ladakh is both treated as a range and a region with two districts, that is Leh (with traditional Buddhists culture and tradition) and Kargil (with traditional Shia Muslims and sparse of Buddhists population). Ladakh share its boundary with China in the East, Pakistan in the west and Himachal Pradesh in the southern part.

So how can you be a part of its culture, tradition and custom?

How can one be a part of this simple yet mystic Tibetan Buddhist ritual and connect to the folks who were once devoid of land and air connectivity yet self sufficient and happy.

We offer Ladakhi traditional homestays, which are not only local friendly but also environment conscious supporting local economy and the environment at its best :)

Highlights: Homestay | Local cuisine | Culture | Study | Tradition | Rituals | Monastic experience

Traditional Ladakh belongs to half yearly or six months cultivation of barley and wheat and some organic vegetables and fruits which keeps them self sufficient round the year.

Barley being the staple food, is utilized in many forms of dine and wine. A local alcoholic beverage is made out of barley by the process of fermentation.

Ladakh and its villages are unbeatable on its heritage front, with every village having its own monastery and every monastery having its own annual festival. Undoubtedly this makes Ladakh the “Land of celebrations”.

A traditional Ladakhi house begins with a prayer flag on its door way ( known as Tar-chen, the large flag) and small flags on the top of the house with prayers and tantras inscribed on it ( locally known as “Tarchok”).

Every Traditional house has a large kitchen equipped with a significantly large traditional shelf known as “Langs” where things of daily utilities are found. The kitchen is also used as a dining room, where the family spends most of their time. It’s mandatory for a Ladakhi house to have a prayer room known as “Chod-Khang”, literal meaning offer of butter lamp, offering tradition. Also one can sit, relax and know oneself through meditation in quiet pristine Himalayan villages.

Also, it was once mandatory for a family to send the younger son to the monastery to become a monk and it was perfectly accepted that the king exchanged his crown for Lama's robe.

Many ways to explore, many possibilities to accomplish because Ladakh is not a place for a mere visit, but for an experience of many lifetimes....

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